Fencing Energizer

The Energizer is the heart of your fencing system, chosen and installed correctly it will provide effective animal control over long fence distances. There are two main types of Energizer that differ based on how they are powered.
  • Mains - best choice if there is reliable mains power
  • Battery - for remote areas with no/unreliable mains power and for temporary fencing applications. The battery charge is maintained via a solar panel (separate or integrated on some models) or by periodically disconnecting and recharging the battery.

  • Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals on a selected area of pasture or crop. It also may be used to protect gardens and landscapes from animal damage.

    How it works:

    A pulsed electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer which is also connected to the ground.
    When the animal touches the fence it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground and receives a short, sharp but safe shock.
    The shock is sufficiently memorable that the animal never forgets. Every electric fence system is made up of a power source (Energizer + earthing system) and a fencing system (conductors, insulators, strainers). Selection of these systems depends on the property size/fence length, fencing usage and animal type.

    Electric Fencing Usages

  • Contain animals within desired grazing areas.
  • Separate different groups of animals.
  • Enable rationing of crops and pastures.
  • Fence off eroding areas, trees, rivers and roads etc.
  • LED Drivers